About the plant

In October 2012 Biosystem SA opened the most modern Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Plant in Poland in Bolęcin near Trzebinia (Małopolska region, Poland). The investment co-funded by the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program has a technological line that meets the most stringent environmental protection standards in force in the European Union.

Recycling and recovery of raw materials from waste electrical and electronic equipment takes place in the Plant on a mechanical and partly manual disassembly line. Large-sized, small-sized equipment, household appliances, ICT and telecommunications equipment, audio-visual equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys and sports equipment are recycled there. The Plant may recycle up to 50,616 tons of ewaste annually (integrated permit of 31 August 2012 on the recycling capacity of the Bolęcin Plant).

The Bolęcin plant has a fully automated technological line for recycling waste refrigeration equipment and other waste electrical and electronic equipment in the form of small household appliances such as kettles, toasters and hair dryers. The recycling of waste equipment is conducted in a manner which is optimal for the natural environment. Thanks to appropriate modules for the capture of freon, cyclopentane and isobutane, the line meets the highest EU requirements regarding the emission of gases from refrigeration installations.

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Having own waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling plant has allowed Biosystem SA to build an effective system for collecting and recycling ewaste and to gain a significant competitive advantage over other entities in the industry. Thus, Biosystem Ewasterecycling SA take-back scheme offers its clients attractive and comprehensive service in the field of assuming the responsivity to collect and recycle WEEE from entrepreneurs.


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